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S3:E12 We receive a 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello.

When you think classic Ferrari, you think front engine V12. This is the epitome of Ferrari. The 575M was the 1st V12 front engine Ferrari that was produced with the F1 transmission vs the 550 Maranello that had a standard 6 speed. The car had everything you wanted in 2002. It was the most technologically advanced at the time. It provided upgraded aerodynamics and power up to 515HP from 485HP. Slightly over 2,000 cars were produced in the world, making it fairly rare. However, approximately 200 575's did come with a 6 speed. In a world where manual cars are through the roof in price, it creates an opportunity for the typical production cars. These are 6 speed 575's cars today are highly sought after, in fact, if you want one, it will cost you over $100K premium compared to an F1 car.

That brings us to our point of "bargain". For $100K less, you get very much the same feel, drivability and experience as you would otherwise. Of course, you sacrifice the 6-speed, but that provides an opportunity for this car. Today's market value is probably the cheapest you'll ever buy a 575M. We feel there is room for growth in it's value over a long term forecast. We don't advocate buying cars for investments, but the bang for the buck is there today!

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#Ferrari #575maranello #575M

TD Immanuel : Absolutely beautiful GT car, Ferrari had lost their way in the 90’s Di Montezemolo took the reigns hired MSC & Ross Brawn to turn the Scuderia around and also got rid of the flat 12 mid engines TR’s and said daddy Ferrari’s are front mounted V12’s. Out came the 550 and you sense even Enzo would’ve grinned at its majesty. A proper playboy GT car, i actually prefer the 575 M too. Great video
Que Huong Ca Mau : Nobody want an automatic.
rogo69 : NICE CAR, GOOD INFO, the video moves nicely, but WHY the drab location...shoot anywhere but inside a parking garage next time.
jbreeze161 : What song or beat is that at 4:57?
Tokyo JZA80 : Garagsaurus built a twin turbo 550 about 10 years ago I hear its somewhere in Thailand now I'd love to see that thing in action even though force induction set ups from Japan always use old technology and ancient style of tuning.
Marcelo S : I love the 575, but i still prefer the 550! Although they are very similar I still prefer the design of the 550! I remember I kept paying attention to the movie Bad Boys 2, when it was 550 and when it was 575! "they used both models as if they were the same car", I always liked the front bumper and the hood of the 550 more, the hood of the 550 is lower because it was done before giving torsion rules in case of a person being run over!
liquidgroove : Great video. Super high production values to your videos. Looks like an actual tv show!
OMGWTFLOL : For posterity. $99,900.
Takamusasu : “I don’t know how many cows it took” but I’ve got the meat in the freezer lol.

I love the 550/575M but I need the manual.
vintage car news : love that car

Will The 6-Speed Ferrari 575 Start?? (Rare V12 Rebuild Part 2)

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After buying this supercar at auction with "mechanical damage" we were definitely very concerned about starting this car up. Will it run? Will it blow up? Lets find out. We got super lucky with our $725 Audi S8 and $850 Mercedes V12 S600, so will our streak continue? I also got in touch with the previous owner on the phone. He described what happened to the car and how the accident happened. He may want to buy the car back! Also, should we straight pipe this glorious V12 to unleash the full 500+ horses!? Crazy this car is so rare and only 1 of 177 built!

Part 1 Reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UV0FJkblEM

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Music: JPB \u0026 MYRNE - Feels Right [NCS Release]

Track: Cartoon - Howling (ft. Asena) (Andromedik Remix) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/HowlingRmx
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Jordan Rahman : don't be scared go insane you guys need a crazy car
Christopher Davis : Absolutely insanity my dude you gotta get the race exhaust
Jase Osborn : Were are you in arizona I go there every summer
Andrea1996 : where is the black 458?
Michael Kim : It's a GT car...I'd keep the Tubi.
cartofgiant : Gorgeous man
la pina : Go crazy exhaust
Jorge Ivan Troche : Any update on the Ford Gran Torino restauration?
Fahd Azad : where is the black 458? and for them you can get an FI exhaust the high rev v8 sounds amazing

조승연 작가의 영화 [포드 V 페라리] 리뷰! 1960년대 역사 배경 완벽 해설 ㅣ르망 24

오늘 여러분께 소개해드릴 영화는
1966년도 르망 24를 배경으로 한 [포드 V 페라리] 의
역사 배경 설명을 준비했습니다

미국과 유럽의 대륙간 갈등을 바탕으로한
포드와 페라리의 숨겨진 이야기는 무엇일까요?

배우는 즐거움이 있는
본격 취미 탐구 라이프 채널!
조승연의 탐구생활 ‍♂️

#조승연 #조승연작가 #포드V페라리 #포드페라리
조승연의 탐구생활 : 대륙 간 갈등 구조가 유독 재밌던 영화였는데요!
궁그미 여러분도 개봉일까지 이 영상 보시면서 예습하시면 좋을 것 같습니다

14:05 오른쪽에 스티브 맥퀸의 사진이 폴 뉴먼으로 잘 못들어가 있습니다. 내용에 참고하시기 바랍니다!
min jun KIM : 조승연 선생님의 완전 팬이에요! 저서도 열심히 사서 보고 있구요 ㅎㅎ 영어자막을 통해 다른 나라 사람들도 선생님 지식을 많이 배우면 좋겠네요
예원상BLESS BARBER : 스티브 맥퀸 사진자료 사진이 스티브맥퀸이 아니고, 폴뉴먼이네요 ㅎㅎㅎ
LSE Engineer : 아직도 F1은 부잣집 도련님들의 리그죠... 제가 알고있던 시대의 이전 시대의 역사를 알려주시니 또 새롭네요. 감사합니다.!
Rainbow Lee : 주제에 어울리는 드레스코드까지 맞춤스타일이시군요. 진정한 방송인이십니다. 무엇보다 본인이 강의를 즐기시는 것이 보이니 시청하는 사람도 즐겁습니다. 많은 주제들에 해박하시니까 줄거운 인생 보장이군요?!!!
이장욱 : 스티브 맥퀸......사진은 폴 뉴먼이네요.
JUNG S K_보무로 정상교 : 이 형 정말 최고
kenneth : 좋은 리뷰 잘 보고 있습니다. 제가 이번 리뷰를 듣다가 왜 포드가 도전하게 된 계기가 무엇인지 덧붙이셨으면 더 좋았지 않았을까 싶어서 감히 한 마디 해보겠습니다 ㅎㅎ. 당시 페라리는 레이싱에서는 엄청난 우승과 명성을 가지고 있었지만 사실 재정적으로 파산 위기에 있었고, 말씀하셨던 베이비 부머 시대 때 유럽의 정교하고 엘레강트한 차들이 들어오면서 포드가 페라리를 인수합병하려고 했죠. 그러나 당일에 페라리는 그 인수 합병을 없던 일로 하면서 헨리 포드 2세가 독기를 품고 포드의 기술력을 총 동원해서 저 빌어먹을 놈들을 이기라고 지시하고 GT40를 만들기 시작하게 된 사연이지요. 이것까지 하셨으면 더 많이 이해가 되지 않았을까 싶기도 합니다.
서승우 : 진짜 사람이 말을잘하니까 얼굴이두배 더잘생겨보이네요 항상응원하겠습니다.
catharina shin : 많은 지식을 알고 있다고 모두가 잘 풀이하는건 아니다... 정말 고퀄의 탐구생활 모든 학교의 선생님이 조쌤 같이 설명만 해준다면




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