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메들리 디지털피아노 SP3000 리뷰! [4K]

조금 늦게 업로드가 되어 죄송합니다~!

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메들리 SP3000 리뷰 입니다.

SP3000 구매하러가기 : https://www.mapianist.com/store/piano/83?utm_source=dp\u0026utm_medium=youtube\u0026utm_campaign=artist_piano

00:12 : SP3000 소개
00:28 : 외관
01:21 : 건반
01:32 : 건반길이
02:14 : 건반무게
03:14 : 타건소음
03:30 : 연타력
04:15 : 사운드 (스피커)
06:00 : 사운드 (헤드폰)
08:13 : SP3000 총정리

Mars Hydro SP3000 Review with Orange Juice #10 *Harvest Results*

Disclaimer: This channel and all it's contence are for entertainment purposes only, and intended strictly for adults 18+.

In this series I'll be reviewing the Marshydro SP3000 led grow light. The area I will be growing in is a 120cm x 60cm grow tent, and I'll be growing four cuttings of my Orange Juice by Dinafem.

Links to the light, seeds and nutrients below.

If you have any questions please leave in the comments below and I'll get back to you asap.

Thank you for watching!


Mars Hydro SP3000:
EU: https://marshydro.eu/
US: https://tinyurl.com/Mars-Hydro-TS-LED-US
AU: https://tinyurl.com/Mars-Hydro-LED-AU

Organics Nutrients:

#marshydro #sp3000 #review

Mars Hydro SP3000 day 52 Jungle Boys Florida Strawberries pheno hunt!




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