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HP DesignJet 500PS 42" Inkjet Color Printer/Plotter (Working) w /printhead+Ink

Mohammad Riaz : What is the price?
Lawanda Adkins : I have the same printer but I don’t have the software that came with it and when I went to hp it doesn’t have the software for my windows 10
Lawanda Adkins : What program did you use
Mark Ramsey : I'm thinking of buying one of these on ebay. Problem is hardly anyone will ship and you have to collect in person. I guess that makes sense so you can see it going. I want to start printing posters to frame up. Is this a decent model? They go for average of £300+ on ebay second hand.
francesco crea : Easy to install•ᴥ•>share4.photo/Designjet?ѵ my windows 10 found it even on a network without having to download the very confusing driver installation. The CD directs you to the HP website for driver download. It downloads zip files and thankfully I didn't need to go that route. That paper roll was easy to install and self corrects for alignment. You don't have a user interface on you computer. The interface is on the adjustable printer screen to select paper source roll vs. sheet paper. I do architectural drawings and on my very first print this printer delivered a beautiful print. Grey tones, dashed lines, everything to scale. This printer even cuts the paper for you. I will still use my local print company to run off those 5 sets of 10 pages for cost reasons but this printer has worked great.
Martin Silva : Thanks
PedroVision : And how much did it sell for??
MusicWithLyrics : I have this printer/plotter, it's 12 years old and still works perfectly, i print up to A0 photographs without any problems.
xl : kill that fucking dog
Deepak Umrao : Jay raj infosys Nehru place

How to operate the HP DesignJet 500

How to operate the HP DesignJet 500 large-format printer. Video covers paper loading, print job setup, reprinting, etc. Music by Ellis3D, created entirely on a Casio MT-68.
David G : I will really say thanks to the vendor because the printer came on time, I found no scratches or anything visible so far, I am still waiting for a USB cable to install it..•ᴥ•>share4.photo/Designjet?я It doesnt' say on the specs that... well that is not a problem as it is stated on the manual. So I wont complain,
Barry Vertentes : can this printer print on vinyl
EUROBRAND MEDIA : how much does inkjet hp 500 printer cost?
Son of Pathan :

Retsel Serec : The music Sucks just like the person in the video
aly rod : Hola ami las imagenes me las imprime en tonos verdes alguien sabe por que? Tengo este mismo plotter
rodeo o : the music make me feel like im playing an atari 1980s game..................
bill smith : so is this a plotter or just a poster printer?
wardope : I just bought this printer 2nd hand for $95 at that price it's a steal. I eaven got 2 pairs of extra ink (8 cartridges) and half a roll of paper. the printer I got has only ever printed one and a half roll of paper. i bought it because my kids wanted som posters. and a poster now days are like $25-30 a pice. so i decided to get the printer for $95 :D
lua leal : Bomb slide,
My hp designjet 510 is not aligning I already changed the print head and the black cartridge and it does not line up, I had a similar problem on an A3 and did the reset procedure on the panel and the problem was solved, you could reset me on Panel for my hp designjet 510? I'm grateful.

HP 10 Refill Instructional Video

Instructional Video for refilling an HP 10 inkjet cartridge, brought to you by InkSell.com
David Eli : Only on the new printers/ink carts. But you can now buy a chip resetter and it makes it like new again. Most people just turn off the ink notifier and it by passes the chip.
David Eli : You have to disable the ink levels, and pretty much eye your prints to know when it needs refilled or just refill it every week (Never let the ink run to low or you will burn out the print head). They also sell chip resetters on ebay, etc. That will reset the ink levels, but most people just disable the ink levels on the printer settings or from the printer itself. Some printers tell you how to this this in your manual.
Silvio Neto : This is simple, but does not solve the problem... The chip must be reseted... Printer still shows cartridge need refilling... Any solution for that?
fernando Caselli : in portuguese !!!
PHOBOSEDEMOS : Beatiful voice,very sweet,but please speak for me in portuguese language!!!!Kisses of Brasil
mazarishariph : try setting your computer date earlier, is your printer in warranty?
HLoser .RA : HP CP1700 model. I get a message, "The Cartridge has expired." The printer will only work with a new cartridg. HP CP1700 model. Does anyone know how to get around this?




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