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Kenneth Cole GENEVA Automatics

Stanford Leeham : Why that russian embassdor scared me!
Stanford Leeham : Cheap but unique and my favor
Yeral Rafael Acosta : porque el modelo kc 50053004 no lo presentan
Stanford Leeham : Cheap but classic and goed design
Chanz 4 Liz : Bought my 1st one today
Tammy Wilson : kenneth cole reaction is the cheapist POS ever,,, my collection of Fossil by far better than my KC,,, wont buy another one ever.
phuong vy : USA
phuong vy : Đẹp quá
Eckehardt krieger : Gorgeous
Ivan .L : Kenneth Cole es una buena marca de relojes?

Blue by Kenneth Cole

Checkout my first impressions of the this fresh candidate for a cheap but good fragrance from the house of Kenneth Cole - Blue!

Is it good? Watch and see!

Wanna try a 30ml for $15?
Duncan Ward : Blue KC or Guess Seductive Homme?
Yo Toulminville : Blue subduction or kc blue???
sanduskyohiobro : Just bought 2.7ml @ Walmart for 19.99 today.
Kenny Benny : This might start off generic to some but later on this becomes very good! One of my favorite Blue scents!
Dexter Charles : Idk but when i smelled this I got Versace Man Eau Fraiche when i had a carded sample. It does smell good but never pulled the trigger. And youre right, Amber is different from Ambroxan.
Mierez Saturday : A starter scent for a child.

Kevin Johnson : Do you have a favorite Kenneth Cole fragrance?
Just Add Light : Nice find! I'll have to give this one a go closer to the summer!
Quentin WB : Great vid. I just ordered this fragrance based on your view. Looking forward to it.
Michael Bullock : Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed day

Kenneth Cole: ON How To Creatively Break Into The Career Of Your Choice

On this episode of On Purpose, I sat down with Kenneth Cole. Kenneth is a designer, activist, and married father of three. He speaks on the importance of resourcefulness for finding solutions to a closed door.

How do we get from here to where we need to? Kenneth reminds us there’s an infinite amount of alternatives, and it’s up to us to refocus the lens on which we see obstacles. This episode will inspire creative insights to help get you to your desires.

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Positive Energy : You inspire me to be better.
TSC News - The Sports Courier : Great interview!
Manoj Thakor : thank you sir
Buddhi Chaudhary : Thank you, Jay, for this amazing Podcast. I downloaded this and listened over and over again - while walking, sitting on the bus and doing exercise.

Mindfulness deep or dumb?
By Wisecrack edition
vimaash_ chennai : Jay Shetty we love u !!!
Nico Moreno : Thanks so much for the awesome video Jay This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, Business, and Life!! Keep it up!
KRISTALS MOTIVATION : Subscribe my Motivational channel "Kristals Motivation"
Jot k : sir, i really like your videos your topics which you choose because they all relate to us. although i can understand in English still, can you please make these videos in hindi also.?
Alok b : jay.... bring Jordan Peterson




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